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    AXIS Supra+ : XPS surface analysis instrument

    The AXIS Supra+ combines state-of-the-art XPS performance with unrivalled automation and ease of use.  This instrument excels in both spectroscopy and imaging modes and has the flexibility to incorporate complementary surface analytical techniques and surface modification accessories.

    AXIS Supra+
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    AXIS Nova : high throughput, large sample XPS

    The AXIS Nova combines XPS imaging and spectroscopic capabilities with a highly automated, large sample handling system.  This spectrometer provides enhanced performance over its predecessor and is based on Kratos’ proven AXIS technology comprising: magnetic and electrostatic transfer lenses; co-axial electron-only charge neutralisation; spherical mirror and hemispherical electron energy analysers. 

    AXIS Nova
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    Gas Cluster Ion Source (GCIS) : Minibeam 6

    This is a 20 keV, multi-mode Gas Cluster Ion Source is designed to operate in both Arn+ cluster and Ar+ monatomic modes making it suitable for sputter cleaning and depth profiling organic, inorganic and metallic thin films.


    GCIS : Minibeam 6