New US Office

November 22nd 2022
Kratos Analytical Inc has moved it's North American Office to 404 East Route 59, Nanuet, New York,10954, USA. Our telephone and e-mail contact details remain unchanged.

200th AXIS Supra leaves Kratos

October 10th 2022
We've just shipped our 200th AXIS Supra generation X-ray photoelectron spectrometer. We're understandably proud of this milestone. The success of the AXIS Supra+ is built on over 50 years of experience in developing surface analysis instruments.

Vacancies at Kratos HQ

November 14th 2022
We currently have vacancies based at our UK Headquarters in Manchester. Further details can be found on our jobs portal.

What are the uses of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy?

July 20th 2022
In a recently published article we have spoken to a number of our academic and industrial Users and asked what they use their instrument for. It's not difficult to conclude that XPS is one of the primary analytical tools used for materials characterisation.

ESCApe 1.5 upgrade now available

May 11th 2022
The latest version of ESCApe Acquisition and Processing software is now available for systems already running on this software. It is important that ESCApe Users to upgrade to this latest version to benefit from additional software functionality.

Latest applications note

May 9th 2022
New applications note : XPS analysis of solid-electrolyte interphase layer formed on a lithium-ion battery negative electrode.

Kratos @ ECASIA

May 10th 2022
We're exhibiting at ECASIA at the end of May. It offers the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in the latest developments from Kratos Analytical to discuss them face-to-face with Sales and Applications specialists. We're also presenting HAXPES Applications and Composition Analyses of Surface and Sub-Surface Interfaces - our latest work from our applications lab.

Jobs @ UK Headquarters

May 2nd 2022
Due to continued success of the Surface and MALDI MS Business groups we have a number of vacancies for full-time, permanent contracts based at our headquarters in Manchester, UK.

Conferences : A quick poll

January 26th 2022
The pandemic has forced us to change the way we collaborate and share our scientific research. Is there a demand for in-person scientific conferences, meetings and exhibitions or has the move to virtual, online meetings replaced them? We're conducting a poll to gauge which meetings colleagues feel will be mots popular in the next 12 - 18 months.

Winter Newsletter 2022

November 5th 2021
This quarters Newsletter is ready to read. In it you'll find interviews, articles and all things related to Kratos surface analysis instruments.