Meetings & exhibition attendance for 2021-22

January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022

Kratos Analytical and our agents are committed to supporting meetings throughout the coming year.  Despite meetings being virtual we understand that they offer an ideal opportunity for us to learn what the surface analysis community needs and how XPS is applied to a wide range of materials characterisation.  We look forward to 'meeting' during 2022.

The pandemic has forced us to change the way we collaborate and share our scientific research.  With this statement in mind, we're interested to learn of colleagues' views and have posted a poll on LinkedIn.  Is there a demand for in-person scientific conferences, meetings and exhibitions or has the move to virtual, online meetings replaced them? 

Colleagues at Kratos have been considering this question for a while now.  There are merits to both in-person and virtual scientific meetings.  The former allows interaction, communication and collaboration not possible through online platforms.  The latter is cheaper, easier to attend and therefore more accessible.  We are committed to attending a number of surface analysis and materials characterisation conferences over the next 12 months as detailed on this page of our website.

Will attendance increase at these meetings as everyone is desperate to meet face-to-face again, or will researchers look to present their latest results at virtual meetings?  You can let us know which format you think will be the most attended by voting in our LinkedIn poll.

UKSAF : Surface Physics at the Nanoscale

Wednesday 13th April 2022, Bristol University

Faraday Discussion on Photoelectron spectroscopy and the future of surface analysis

The meeting will focus on four main themes: 1) In-situ methods: discoveries and challenges, 2) Buried interfaces, 3) Time resolved surface analysis (kinetic timescale and molecular timescale) and 4) Future directions

20-22 April 2022, London, UK & online virtual meeting

5th International Conference on Applied Surface Science (ICASS)

ICASS will report on and discuss current research on the role and use of surfaces in chemical and physical processes, related to catalysis, electrochemistry, energy, new/functional materials and nanotechnology. Also, the various techniques and characterization methods will be discussed.

25th - 28th April 2022, Palma, Mallorca, Spain

JSPE, Journées des Spectroscopies de Photoémission

The Photoemission Spectroscopy Days (JSPE, Journées des Spectroscopies de Photoémission) will be the first national event of the research federation « SPE » from CNRS, France.

16th - 18th May 2022, Dijon, France

48th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF)

AVS Advanced Surface Engineering Division.  The ICMCTF is the premier international conference in the field of thin film deposition, characterization, and advanced surface engineering promoting global exchange of ideas and information among scientists, technologists, and manufacturers.

22nd - 27th May 2022, San Diego, CA, USA.

ECASIA :  European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis

The ECASIA biennial conferences since 1985 are aimed at, and intended for, those using surface analytical, surface-specific or surface-sensitive techniques for applied purposes.

29th May - 2nd June 2022, Limerick, Ireland

Advanced Materials Show

The Advanced Materials Show will showcase the very latest in high performance materials technology for a range of applications including automotive, aerospace, energy and electronics.

28th & 29th June 2022, NEC Birmingham.  

Kratos Analytical will be co-exhibiting with Shimadzu UK.

Microscopy & Microanalysis

Surface and Subsurface Microscopy and Microanalysis of Physical and Biological Samples

31st July - 4th August 2022, Portland, Oregon, USA


Held every four years since 2002, now established as the unmissable French-speaking event for all players in the world of materials (academics, researchers, engineers and doctoral students), whether academic or industrial.

24th - 28th October 2022, Lillie Grand palais, France

AVS 68th International Symposium & Exhibition 

Theme “Imperfectly Perfect Materials”
Featuring Presentations on Emerging Topics Related to Materials, Processing & Interfaces

6th - 11th November 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Kratos contributions to the meeting include:

Monday 7th November: The Modern Spectrometer - Reliable, Repeatable and Relatable (oral)

Tuesday 8th November: Automated‚ High-Performance X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy System for Advanced Analysis of Solid-State Energy Materials and Systems (exhibitor spotlight)

Wednesday 9th November: Novel Battery Material Analysis with High-Resolution and High-Throughput XPS (oral)

Thursday 10th November: Advances in Automated XPS Analysis – from Data to Answers (poster)

Thursday 10th November: Considering XPS Characterisation of Ultra-Thin Films (poster)